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Mini-loaf. #catloaf #kitten #precious #cute #kittenloaf #catloavesofinstagram
The part of my brain that usually fills itself with bitterness and resentment and dread is now back to being filled with “I LOVE MY KITTY”
Babygirl has 3 extra claws on each front paw. #polydactyl #deformed #cute #kitten #mittenpaws
New bb









Yeah. This.

"grow a pear."
am I the only one stuck on this?

Now it makes sense that people always say “men feel like theyre entitled to sex.” I didnt actually realized dudes seriously said shit like this. Wow.

this man needs jesus

this man needs a lot more than jesus…

he needs a pear, apparently 


"Is there something wrong with me?  Plz tell me for future reference.  I know we are strangers but it is now your job to give me constructive feedback on my forceful attempts to solicit sex from you, punctuated by some brief misogynistic slurs that I excuse because I’m desperate.  Is it my looks?"

(Source: tindersfinestbachelors)

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Love my new urban outfitters dress!
Who wants to film/photograph me wearing these?