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Who wants to film/photograph me wearing these?
New #docmarten #maryjanes

A helpful flow chart for those who may need some pointers in the matter.
Designed by Racquel Reichard :)

Sending moronic messages to my inbox is THE WRONG WAY TO GET MY ATTENTION.

sluts-playground-deactivated201 asked: Hope your well .

It’s spelled “you’re.”

loveyourworkmiss asked: Being 100% honest, what's your preference circumcised or uncircumcised and why! :)

I’m not here to validate your insecurity with your cock. Stop asking me what size/type/color of cocks I like. You can safely assume that whatever cock exists in my personal life is better than yours.

I love Leavitt & Peirce. #smokeshop #boston #flasks
Workin’ on a painting

Making a point of blogging/reblogging militant feminist things more often so as to filter out the scumbags who follow me <3