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five-point-palm-exploding-heart asked: "The whole world proudly calls itself misogynist" what planet are you on?


The one where male politicians tell women that pregnancies brought on by rape are a gift from god, and that it’s dangerous for us to understand our own genitalia or acknowledge the existence of our sexuality, and that we’re incapable of making adult decisions about our own reproductive health, and that it’s okay to fire us if our physical appearance is distracting to our boss/coworkers, and that laws against our toplessness need to exist because our bodies are inherently sexual objects, and that we deserve to starve if we can’t afford to feed ourselves or our families, and that our lives and health matter less than a non-sentient fetus, and that it’s our job to prevent men from assaulting us.  But I guess that post was a little too nuanced for your level of intellect, yeah?

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Yeah. This.

"grow a pear."
am I the only one stuck on this?

Now it makes sense that people always say “men feel like theyre entitled to sex.” I didnt actually realized dudes seriously said shit like this. Wow.

this man needs jesus

this man needs a lot more than jesus…

he needs a pear, apparently 


"Is there something wrong with me?  Plz tell me for future reference.  I know we are strangers but it is now your job to give me constructive feedback on my forceful attempts to solicit sex from you, punctuated by some brief misogynistic slurs that I excuse because I’m desperate.  Is it my looks?"

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