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Made this 2 or 3 years ago when I was first learning how to use #Illustrator. There are many like it that I just never finished. #art #design #graphic #blackandwhite #digital

Broken Fingaz screen print, via Mad Creative.

(Source: madecreativeblog)

Warhol-inspired digital art of my own butt.

Some of my sleazy instax originals will be on display/for sale at The Rat Factory’s “Bad Girls” opening tomorrow night in Hollywood. Entry is free! Taking home my work isn’t, but I’d still like you to do that.

Please note that I have 3 different sizes of prints available of any Instax I take. If it’s not listed on my Etsy, you can make a custom order!


Custom Instax

I announced a while ago that I was offering custom Instax. They’re still available!

Currently I am doing sets of 5 for 30$, and sets of 10 for 50$. They can be nude, non/nude, explicit - I’m very open as you should all very well know. Can be self-shot, or I can have them shot for me. 

I also offer them in exchange for clothes/furniture on my wishlist.

If you’re wondering WTF “instax” are, and what they look like, go to any posts of mine tagged “instax.”

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