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The stunning Annika Amour

Recent Clips4Sale Updates

So, I’m still updating this thing. Here are some new things I have posted:

Anal fisting:

Large anal toys:

Rope Waist Bondage:

Fucking Myself with a Jesus Dildo:

All found at

Very excited to announce this new clip.
Many Morbid Tickle Assault!
Watch this Alt-Porn-Icon take advantage of my complete helplessness.
New painting. Watercolor pencils and ink.

Just posted two new clips!

"Corset Training Continued". And "Tying up Siren Wolf" (part 1 of a 3!)


and i’m floating high
but i’m always down
Current corset proportions.
Keep in mind that I am naturally built like a BOY. This shit is effective.

More of moi by the very talented Tristan Crane.

22” PVC corset.