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Beautifully shot by @blackulaphoto. Drunkly edited by me. 

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Recent Clips4Sale Updates

So, I’m still updating this thing. Here are some new things I have posted:

Anal fisting:

Large anal toys:

Rope Waist Bondage:

Fucking Myself with a Jesus Dildo:

All found at

New on my Clips4Sale:
Sexy Studded Heels (with no panties!)
Rope Girdle.

New on my Clips4Sale…



Anal Play:

My store already includes fisting, squirting, fucking, flexibility, corset training, lots of feet+leg material…and more to come! There’s something for everybody on there.


and i’m floating high
but i’m always down

and get back in your booty

time to get out of your head

More of moi by the very talented Tristan Crane.